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Davey & Gilly


Bossfight is a power trio formed in San Diego in 2012. The bands members consist of bass player and vocalist Gilly, guitarist David Settimi, and drummer Brian Gaeta.

BOSSFIGHT’s sound is a combination of “true to their roots punk rock”, with a heavy and melodic rock and roll edge. Complete with in your face screaming guitars and melodic two part harmonies, BOSSFIGHT is a powerful musical trio that must be experienced to appreciate.

Both in their lyrics and life, BOSSFIGHT gives their insight, provoking thought on the challenges facing their generation. Speaking out against the oligarchy, narcissism, and societies grip on human suffering at large.



The bands first studio effort, "Daze of Gray", is 34 minutes and 11 songs of pure energy, and boasts a line-up of Grammy award winning engineers.


Produced by Marcos Curiel of the band POD, and recorded in San Diego at Stealth Studios by Steve Russell (POD, Sprung Monkey, and As I Lay Dying), Mixed by Clif Norrel (Weezer, Pixies, and Jeff Buckley), and was mastered by multiple Grammy award winning engineer Gavin Lurssen (Queens of the Stone Age, Bad Religion, Social Distortion). 

  Lyric Video

The first single from "Daze of Gray" is entitled "Green", and features the art of Marvel Comic Book artist Franz DG. It is a combination of live action, and comic art done in high quality HD. The song is about corporate greed and its affects on the human condition.

  Booking and Contact

If you are interested in booking a show or tour with Bossfight please send inquiries to Twisted Soul Entertainment at the address below:

General Info & Booking

Thanks! Message sent.

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