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City Beat Reviews "Daze of Gray"

City Beat Review - "Daze of Gray"

We are proud to share this favorable review of our debut album, "Daze of Gray!" See what San Diego City Beat has to say:

Bossfight — Daze of Gray

"There’s something to be said for gathering up your best songs, going into a studio and capturing them well. That’s what Bossfight has done on Daze of Gray, an 11-track collection of melodic punk rock that’s immaculately recorded. (P.O.D.’s Marcos Curiel produced it, by the way.) The guitars chug, the drums rat-tat-tat and the melodies consistently stand apart from the din. Listening to Bossfight is like going a few rounds in the pit, just with fewer bruises the next morning."

-Ben Salmon

#sandiegocitybeat #sandiego #marcoscuriel #POD #punkrock #bossfight

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