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San Diego Reader Interview's Bossfight

Bossfight was interviewed by Jay Allen Sanford from the San Diego Reader where we discuss corporate greed and our first single "Green". The article entitled "Guitar Center Refugee" can also be read Here: San Diego Reader

Guitar Center Refugee

By. Jay Allen Sanford

“It’s about the greed that exists within corporations, specifically venture capitalists, and it has deep personal meaning,” says Bossfight guitarist David Settimi of the band’s new single “Green.” Settimi spent nearly 20 years working for Guitar Center, first as a front line accessory salesperson before rising to vice president of sales; then the company was bought out in 2007 by Bain Capital for 1.9 billion.

Bossfight Live at the Soda Bar

“Dave [was] witness to what happens when private equity firms strip good companies of their value and manipulates their bottom line,” says bassist Brian Gilstrap. “Green” is a debut single from Daze of Gray, which drops May 20 at the Merrow.

Recorded in San Diego at Stealth Recording Studios by Steve Russell (As I Lay Dying, Sprung Monkey), the album was produced by P.O.D.'s Marcos Curiel. “Marcos and Dave go back a very long time, and were friends before P.O.D. was signed to a major label,” says Gilstrap. Drums were supplied by Ernie Longoria of Sprung Monkey.

The album is being promoted with a 24-page comic book illustrated by Marvel artist FranzDG. “The message of the comic has parallels with the song ‘Green,’ which is why I used the comic art for the lyric video,” says Settimi. The battle against corporate greed depicted in the comic and on the new album is reflected in their lives as well. Our drummer Paulie recently left being a general contractor to pursue music full-time,” says Gilstrap, the only member holding on to a day-job — as an executive for a large beer distributor.

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