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Bossfight Lyric Video "Green"

You may have heard that Bossfight has teamed up with Marvel artist FranzDG to release a 24 page comic book. They have also incorporated the artwork from the comic book into a lyric video for their first single "Green" off of their debut album "Daze of Gray'".

The live shots from the video were recorded at the Merrow in Hillcrest, San Diego at a weekly showcase hosted by radio personality, Mike Halloran. With the live portions of the video being recorded and edited by Brent Wisdom.

The song is about the jealousy and greed that exists within our society, and how that suffering is realized and passed on from person to person. It is a very personal story about one's struggle through life, and the hurdles that others place in your path out of jealousy and greed. See the video below:

#punkrock #marcoscuriel #marvelcomics #frantzDG #POD #sandiegoreader #bossfight #sandiego

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