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For the Love of Punk Review - Daze of Gray

Damon Workman from For the Love of Punk (FLTP) reviewed Bossfight's debut album "Daze of Gray." Check out what he had to say! You can also read it on FLTP.

Bossfight - Daze of Gray

Album Review: BOSSFIGHT - Daze of Gray

by. Damon Workman

BOSSFIGHT come out of San Diego (I keep saying there’s something about that city that makes for great music) and bring something pretty cool to the table with Daze of Gray.

For those who didn’t get the chance to listen to [Prologue] this album’s 3 song predecessor, you’re in for a treat. For those that did, you are getting exactly what that EP promised you.

Cohesive in scope and structure Daze of Gray is an album geared towards a total listening experience. An album to be listened to completely from front to back, and get the story that the band is attempting to tell. A tale of life in modern society fraught with struggle, strife, and the occasional joy.

The first thing that is going to jump out at you is that voice. Deep and rich, and with the two part harmonies added in there’s a texture to it that makes it easy to listen and really focus on what the lyrics are saying. It’s the kind of voice that could read a phone book to you and hold you in rapt attention. Making it a fantastic delivery device for the songs on Daze.

That’s not the only highlight though. The instruments are a match for those vocals. Not only do they serve up great melodic rock, they offer some really interesting techniques you don’t expect to see in this genre of music. Check out the slide guitar in Get it Right if you think only country or blues use that technique, it stands out yet seems right at home in the song. Necessary even.

These guys are onto something with this unique take on music, and hopefully continue to grow from this great first full length effort. They are getting more and more shows with some really big names so catch them soon before they’re everybody’s little darlings and you feel compelled to hate them because no one else does!

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