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Stream Daze of Gray on The X-Stream Network!

Bossfight is proud to announce that their debut album, "Daze of Gray" can now be streamed on The X Stream Network, an independent software platform that mixes elements of social media that allows users to stream and share music.

We asked Chris Scheckler, engineer of the platform to explain what X Stream is all about and this is what he had to say:

"The X Stream Network is a open social platform owned and operated by musicians and artists who appreciate freedom of expression and don't want their music and art micromanaged by corporate entities. Musicians and Artists can create Profiles and Pages that allows them to share/sell their music for FREE, within The X Stream Network, as well as allowing their posts to share out to a larger audience with one click to other networks such as Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. creating less work for the artist/musician."

-Chris Scheckler

The X Stream Network engages users from all over the globe, and reaches hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners. You can check it out for yourself here. If you are an artist or in a band this is another great avenue to get your music heard.

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